Bowman Oil Coolers - DC Oil Coolers

Type P R S Internal oil volume Internal water volume
mm mm mm ml ml
DC 50 69 123 205 80 160
DC 60 104 158 240 105 200
DC 90 178 232 314 160 240
DC 120 260 314 396 200 325

Maximum working oil pressure 30 bar
Maximum working water pressure 2 bar
Maximum working pressure 125 º bar

DC Oil Coolers

This leaflet describes our DC range of oil coolers which are designed for use on small marine transmissions. They have the same cupro-nickel tubes as our larger EC to PK range of oil coolers and therefore have the same long life expectancy.

There seawater connections are neoprene moldings making them simple and easy to install and should be cleaning be necessary, they can be removed using only screwdriver. We can select buy computer the appropriate oil cooler for particular duty from the following information.

oil type or its viscosity at a specified temperature cSt at ºC
heat to be dissipated kW
oil flow liter/min
oil inlet temperature ºC
seawater temperature ºC
seawater flow liter/min

If this information is not available, a selection can be made using the table on the opposite page. In many cases we will have on file information which will enable us to select a suitable oil cooler for a particular engine and gearbox combination.

Four oil connection sizes are available and three seawater pipe sizes which can be either in line or at right angles to the axis of the cooler. If preferred, the oil coolers can be supplied without end covers for incorporating directly into the sea water pipework

Typical examples of oil coolers fitted to marine transmissions with an oil inlet temperature of 80ºC and a seawater temperature of 32ºC.

Type Maximum sea water flow for end cover code Suitable for gearbox transmitting
A+D B+E C+F None
l/min l/min l/min l/min kW HP
DC 50 60 90 120 180 75 100
DC 60 60 90 120 180 120 160
DC 90 60 90 120 180 150 200
DC 120 60 90 120 180 180 240

We have been making heat exchangers for over 75 years for a wide variety of application. Initially they were mostly for the automotive industry although now heat exchangers for marine engines predominate. Experience gained in the ardous marine environment has enabled us to build exceptionally reliable oil coolers for minig equipment and other areas where reliability is important.

The Company occupies a purpose built factory in a central location from which it directly exports over 50% of its production. Experience has shown us the there is rarely any need for purpose built heat exchangers and we have therefore developed an extensive range of standardised designs, most of which can be supplied from stock. This policy of standardisation which we follow for all our products means that customers receive a heat exchanger of proven design and known characteristics.